About The House of Ves


The House of Ves has gone through ups and downs in its past, moving from one Master or Mistress to the next. Some Houses have risen to great power, some have fallen far, and yet still Ves as a whole thrives. Even now there are four Houses rebuilding, unifying Ves as a single House. The current Mistress of the House is Mynsia Everfang, a Kaldorei druid who aspires to hold neutrality over Ves. Despite her neutrality, each House can vie for her favor, granting benefits depending on their deeds. Individual Houses and Members can also fall out of favor, causing turmoil for themselves and their allies until they redeem themselves in Mistress Everfang's eyes.

Ves is currently recovering from a massive attack that forced the House from it's former home in the Howling Fjord. While there were many wounded and many to mourn, Ves continued on, its members only growing closer from the tradgedy. Those who have survived are recovering and regrouping in Ves' new home at the Everfang Estates, the well guarded ancestral home of the Mistress of the House.


Ves is always looking for new members to join our ranks, though we prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. We focus on in-depth stories and character interactions over mass invites.  Please take a look at the following sections to learn a little more about us before you fill out an application via the link to the left!
The HousesAbout Us, Rules, and Events 

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